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5 Consequences of an Unattended Obstructed Drain

An obstructed drain can be such a pain in the neck. It will not only dampen your house but also put off your other important family tasks. For those reasons, it is important to get an assistance from experts. Who knows? They may suggest a cost-effective solution like installing stormwater drainage pits.

stormwater drainage pits

Nonetheless, if you keep putting repair on delay, you might suffer the following consequences:

Structural Damage

If you keep neglecting it, an obstructed drain can damage the structure of your house. Stuck water can leak into the structures and corners of your home. This will gradually compromise its structural integrity. Aside from this, wetness can show up the walls and floorboards, causing discolouration, warps, and stains to appear.

So, to ascertain that your house stays in tip-top shape, get in touch with experts in blocked drains. You should call them the moment you see indications of the issue. They might suggest acquiring stormwater drainage pits for your outdoor area’s proper drainage.

Washing Machine Drainage Issue

Think it or not, stopped up drains can also impact your washing machine. Over time, gunk and build-up can trigger your device’s drain to obstruct. When this happens, you might have to move it away to access its drain pipeline and clear the build-up.

While this task sounds simple, it is challenging in some cases. Thus, make sure to call professionals who maintain pipes and install stormwater drainage pits.

Blocked Toilet

Though it’s just a minor clog, it can easily lead to a major problem. You may encounter a full-blown clogged toilet if you overlook to repair it immediately. A blocked drain will prevent wastewater from easily flowing out of your house.

As they fill, it can quickly affect your toilet’s drainage system. If you disregard to hire the experts in unclogging drains right now, then you might wake up one morning to your basement flooding.

Nasty Odour

Another nasty effect of a stopped up drain is the foul odour. This smell is coming from the waste material that should have flown from your home. And, this circumstance could just worsen every day if you do not treat it as soon as possible.

As more waste builds up, the worse the smell gets. The odour can even be challenging to eliminate as it will definitely leak through your home’s areas.

Accumulated Costs

The longer you leave a clog in your pipelines, the more it will trigger damage. Worse, it will be more expensive to repair when the time comes. With the help of professionals in repairing blocked drains, you should be able to solve this pesky drainage issue.

Final Thoughts

Fixing your drains is something that you need to not offer a second thought. While things would still look a little less bad at the start, delaying will bring more issues that might affect your health.

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