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7 New Great Design Ideas That You Can Discuss with Your Perth Builder for Your Next Home

Like many people in other countries, Perth residents are also always looking for ways to own a great home. As you can see, having your own property will not only renew your inspirations and improve your life, but will also serve as a wise investment decision. However, not all house designs would promise you 100% satisfaction, so you should decide carefully. Here are some design trends that you can consider and discuss with your Perth home builders for your new home:

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1. Built-In Bar

With this addition, you will be able to bring the party home! Basically, built-in bars are a development of last year’s bar cart trend and are perfect for you if you love to entertain. They can add an instant oomph to an otherwise traditional kitchen.

2. Outdoor-Like Indoor Shower

While an outdoor shower is highly desirable, it would not be practical in regions that experience winter, such as this part of Australia. But with the help of home builders in Perth WA, you will be able to get around this weather dilemma and strategically create an outdoor-feeling indoor shower.

3. Counter-Depth Fridge

As part of the plan you would agree with your builder, you can install your refrigerator adjacent to a countertop or a cabinet to create a streamlined look and allow more space. This installation is an ideal option if you should only have a modest-size kitchen where space is a very important factor.

4. Storage-Rich Kitchen Walls

You can discuss with your Perth home builders to do away with upper cabinetry in the kitchen and set all the storage onto a single wall. This will serve as a one-stop hub for all kitchen items, freeing up more space to create a breezy look.

5. Human Docking Station

Before, homes usually have a room to store file cabinets, printers, and other equipment used for office work. But today, you can just choose to have docking station, which is made out of a small equipment cabinet, to tackle quick tasks. As you can see, easy internet connectivity has made it easier for you to work anywhere within your home, so there would be no need to create a home office.

6. Shedquarter

Basically, this term refers to a small outdoor structure on a property that is often used as secondary living space. According to research, this addition will see a huge spin-off for hybrid use, so ask home builders Perth has if they can also construct one for yourself.

7. Marble Surfaces

It would seem like marble never goes out of fashion, as it is still one of the biggest design trends of today. You can use it as a main material for your flooring, tabletops and countertop. As for the colour, it is best to opt for white and light gray.

Whether you are looking to improve your life or want to make a good investment, having your own home is always a good solution to realise your wishes. However, you should make sure to choose the right design ideas to get the highest level of satisfaction. Now, to find the Perth home builders who can help incorporate them into your new living space, visit Aveling Homes.

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