Best Alternatives for Industrial Roof Ventilation

The roof of an industrial building acts as a heat trap. It acts like a greenhouse screen wherein heat is trapped and prevented from escaping from the roof cavity. This is a beneficial function in the winter so you can regulate heat inside your home and prevent it from becoming too cold. In the summer or other times of the year, however, this can make the interior of a building feel extremely hot and humid. In an industrial facility, this can cause a lot of trouble as the heat can result in an undesirable working condition. This is why Airocle, one of the top manufacturers of industrial roof ventilation products in the market, has continually devised ways to develop other alternatives to the traditional methods of ventilation.

Whether you are looking at investing in industrial roof fans or whirlybirds, knowing your options will allow you to make the right choice.

Solar Roof Ventilators

Solar roof ventilators are number one on the list of the best alternatives for industrial roof ventilators. As the name implies, this type of vent is powered by the solar energy, which is a renewable source of energy. Since the roof is one part of a building or industrial facility that is directly exposed to the sun, it is a good idea to capitalize on it to improve air circulation within the industrial building.

You can place the solar roof ventilator at any part of the roof to absorb the sun’s solar energy. When you use the solar powered ventilators, you can save on the energy consumption of the building. If you look at it, a large industrial building will require numerous roof ventilators in order to improve air circulation instead. But instead of using the traditional roof ventilators, a solar powered one will provide you with lots of savings to operate several roof ventilators. In addition to the savings on your energy consumption, many of the solar ventilators also feature a quiet operation so you can significantly reduce the noise level in the building. With the right solar roof ventilator, you can expect more longevity as they can last for up to 30 years.

Natural Ventilation

Industrial natural roof ventilation is another alternative to traditional roof ventilation systems available in the market. This is another good option aside from the solar roof ventilators. It is also known as natural gravity ventilation.

Natural gravity ventilation is a type of ventilation that utilizes the power of gravity in improving air quality inside the building. Hot air will rise since heated air is denser as compared to cooler air. When confined in a space, the hot air will rise to the top while the cool air is left at the bottom. This type of roof ventilation is designed to have a small opening where the hot air will naturally exit through. The hot air and fumes will evacuate on their own while supporting the fresh intake of cooler air. This is a simple but efficient system that can significantly improve quality of air in an industrial building while lowering your utility costs.

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