Great Gatsby that Patio

You might not achieve the lavishness of Gatsby, but you sure can entertain people like him. Do you have a lot of friends and you have a drab, empty space outside? If you want a space where you can read a book at peace but also entertain your mates, invest in a patio. The stylish patios Perth, AU has today come in many kinds—from alfresco to gable patios. If you want to have a mini-paradise in your homes, check out these party-ready patio ideas:

patios perth

Party-Proof Your Deck

You want people to enjoy their time in your patio, but you also want the deck to stay in one piece when they leave. If your deck is made of wood, wash it daily to avoid mildew and tearing. The quality timber patios Perth building specialists sell are durable and stylish—a great combination if you want to entertain your friends in barbecues and parties. If you are investing in flagstone flooring, avoid water stains by sealing those with a matte finish when it’s completed. Never seal it with a glossy finish—it will make the stones look unnatural. If you want a deck of your own design, some patios Perth outdoor building specialists offer can be customized according to your taste.

Plant Some Multipurpose Greens

Plants don’t just serve as cosmetics for your patio area. Some of them have these other uses that you’d be glad to have them in your deck. The must-have flowers in patios Perth flower shops sell today are Pandan, Lemongrass, and Weeping Standard Rose Bushes. The latter is perfect for Perth’s dry and hot climate. Pandan is widely used in Southeast Asia as flavoring for cooking. Lastly, Lemongrass is a vertical plant that has citronella, which is used to ward off mosquitoes—a useful feature for guests.

Spend On Some Shade

While its climate is perfect for fun daylight parties, covered patios and carports in Perth will come in handy against the hot, dry sun and the mild rainfall. These will be of use when you’re having dinner with your mates outside and an unexpected drizzle arrives. If you don’t want a covered patio, a heavy-duty outdoor solar shade or a wooden shade structure are great alternatives. If you have a wooden shade structure on your entryway, a weeping rose bush would be a perfect addition. The draping rose nursery will give your patio an ethereal feel and additional shade from the sun. A good Perth patio should always level with the climate and aim for the comfort of the guests.

Lights, Cameras, Party!

The cherry-on-top of your patio set-up are your exterior light fixtures. They should not only ensure safety during night time, but they should also be attractive. For security, opt for stylish and energy-saving LED outdoor light fixtures that have good coverage. You don’t want your guests to blindly search for their stuff when having dinner on your patio. For style, choose heavy-duty string light bulbs that are perfect for that vintage-modern vibe.

Now that you know how to prep up your patio, all that’s left is to cook a delicious course and enjoy your mini-paradise with your friends.

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