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How to Clean Your Skylight to Maintain its Attractiveness

The beauty of the sky is something many people admire. Well, you can invite the beauty right inside your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, by opening a space in your roof and installing a skylight. To get started, you just need to consult a reliable company for skylights Melbourne area has to offer.

However, after a successful installation by a professional for skylights Melbourne area has to offer, you need to maintain the beauty of your roof, especially on and around the location of the skylight. Obviously, you will need to clean your skylight, so how do you go about it?

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Cleaning the skylight

Once installed, the exterior of the skylight is exposed to dust, pollen, dirt, grime, and others. Without regular cleaning, the skylight and the area around it would look quite unsightly and clouded with the mentioned materials. Whether you install dome skylights or roof windows, cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance. Follow these tips to help you maintain the beauty of your skylight.

Glass skylights

For glass skylights, you can use cleaning solutions recommended by professionals for skylights Melbourne area has to offer. If the glass is flat, you could use a squeegee and a mild solution such as that used for dishwashing. During cleaning, take care of scratches and abrasions, especially if the glass is tinted. As such, avoid gritty sponges or sharp materials that could scratch glass surfaces.

Plastic skylights

If your skylights are made of plastic, they are either acrylic or polycarbonate. Just as glass, plastic is susceptible to scratch or abrasion. You should, therefore, avoid using certain strong solvents that may corrode the surface. The following precautions are necessary when cleaning plastic-glazed skylights:

  • Avoid gritty pieces of clothes or abrasive pads
  • Never use a sharp tool to scrape dirt
  • Do not use fluids or strong solvents like gasoline, alcohol, acetone, or tetrachloride as they can damage the surface of the plastic.

Use a weak solution of mild soap and water. Apply with a soft cloth and use clean water to rinse. Experts for skylights can advise you more on the right materials you could use to blot dry. Refer to http://customskylights.com.au.

Skylight frames

For the frames, most of them are made of aluminum, which is easier to maintain and clean. Just use water and soap to clean the frames as you clean the glass or plastic glazing. Alternatively, you can have the metal frames painted especially if you live near the ocean where aluminum frames may be corroded. Use the paint recommended by a professional for skylights Melbourne has to offer.

Other general rules that you should observe when cleaning skylights include the following:

  • Avoid pressure washer when cleaning a skylight
  • Avoid strong solvents such as benzene, denatured alcohol, acetone or other strong detergents
  • Avoid sealant sprays—they wear out your skylight with time.

By cleaning your skylight regularly using the right materials, you can retain its beauty and ability to allow natural light into your room. If you would like to know more about Velux roof windows and other types of skylights in Melbourne, Custom Skylights experts.

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